Rocket League: How to Get the Fennec (and Everything You Need to Know About It)

The Fennec is one of the most popular vehicle bodies among ranked players

The Fennec is one of the most popular vehicle bodies among ranked players. Here's how you can get your hands on it. The Fennec is an Octane hitbox body that was released a couple of years ago in Rocket League. Because it has the same hitbox as the most commonly used vehicle in the game, many high-level players prefer it. Getting good hits and understanding the Fennec body can be difficult for those who are used to the visually smaller Octane.
The Fennec, on the other hand, is undeniably one of the best variants in the Rocket League. When the car was first released, it came in the form of a crate drop (it is now available in bundles and blueprints). At the moment, there are only a few ways to obtain the Fennec, and doing so will most likely cost players a few hundred cheap Rocket League credits.

7. Droppings and Blueprints

Drops - Blueprints Blueprints + Rocket Credits = Item

The free Rocket Pass allows players to obtain common, rare, extremely rare, and import drops, among other things. These drops have a chance to contain a variety of blueprints. If they play the game enough, gamers will be able to earn a small number of drops each season using the free pass.

Users will be required to spend Rocket Credits in order to turn the blueprints into items. The entire system is set up so that people will have to spend either Rocket Credits or real money in order to obtain these items.

6. Weekly and Seasonal Challenges
Rocket Pass Challenges and Tournaments

Completing all of the available challenges is the most efficient way to earn XP for the Rocket pass and free blueprint drops. Every season contains a plethora of challenges, and the majority of them can be completed organically if people spend a few hours a week playing.

In a season, players can expect to receive at least 24 rare drops in addition to the season challenges reward for completing all of the challenge tiers. Those who do not have a premium rocket pass, on the other hand, will not be able to use those blueprints because they do not have Rocket Credits. The methods for obtaining drops in Rocket League items are listed below.

5. Rewards for participating in the Tournament
Tournaments are held on a daily and weekly basis, and they are similar to challenges. Gamers can either queue as a group or play with a random group of teammates. The higher the team's position in the tournament, the greater the rewards.

Almost all of the tournaments also feature losers brackets, which provide teams with a second chance to win the championship. If you play well, there are a large number of Exotic, Import, and Black Market blueprints available. Drops are also awarded as prizes in tournaments.

4. Rocket Pass (also known as the "Rocket Pass" or "Rocket Pass Lite")
Anyone who intends to play the game on a regular basis will benefit from purchasing the premium Rocket Pass. It will cost $20, but players will be able to earn credits by gaining experience points. This means that the pass will pay for itself and will leave gamers with some extra Credits to spend on blueprints and store items. The premium pass offers item rewards as well as additional challenges and drops for players to complete. Instead of spending money on a specific blueprint or item in the shop, purchase the Rocket Pass. It will be significantly less expensive in the long run because gamers will be able to accumulate credits and drops as they play.

3. Adoption of a new trade-in system
Epic's new trade system allows players to trade in five core items or blueprints in exchange for one upgraded item. Although the chances of obtaining a Fennec through this method are slim, it is a convenient way to get rid of unused blueprints while searching for Exotic and Black Market items.

Because trading things in is the only way to obtain items for free in the game, those who do not wish to spend money on the game will be forced to employ this method. Trading these items in, on the other hand, is a gamble.

2. Storage of Bundles
Gamers can use their Rocket Credits to purchase items and bundles in the store with their Rocket Credits. While there is currently no Fennec in the store or Rocket Pass, Epic will eventually make one of the variants available for purchase.

There are always new items being added to the store on a daily basis, and the bundles are updated approximately once a week. Check-in periodically to see if the Fennec is still available. Bundles are expensive, so it might be wise to hold out for a random blueprint drop or a lucky trade-in.

1. Trade With Credits and Blueprints
People also have the option of purchasing or trading blueprints with another player. More information about trading can be found in our guide. In essence, two players on the same platform can trade blueprints and credits in the game. Typically, this entails exchanging two items of equal worth.

In order to execute a trade, both accounts must be in the same party. There are a couple of other requirements as well. Players will need to exercise caution when trading with someone they do not know. Scams are as prevalent in Rocket League as they have always been.

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