What's Highest HHA Score In New Horizons

So what we need to do is find a furniture collection we can complete with all these important pieces.

How far does your HHA performance determine? A lot's the secret. Too long that describing everything could take forever. But we'll try and do our utmost to get the maximum possible HHA score and provide reasoning to decorate homes. Can we get started?

The first and foremost aspect of achieving the highest score is having the biggest home. Naturally, the conclusion to draw from this is you need a ton of resources to reach your ultimate dreams. 6 million 196 000 bells to be exact and with that, we now have a large empty mansion to satisfy HHA people with, so most of you already know the great ways to get a high HHA ranking, one of those ways is to get a completed collection of furniture within your room. What you do not realize is that there's even a form incentive. You need four important furniture in your space to get a form incentive. It's a chair, table, bed, and dresser/wardrobe. 

*Fenny shui
And with all of that put down, we now have a solid foundation for starting to maximize our ratings, because unfortunately, it's not as straightforward as only completing furniture sets and making sure you have those styles of furniture. Feng shui was a staple of any animal crossing game, and new horizons are no exception. The fundamental principles for feng shui are east red furniture, west yellow furniture, south green furniture. It goes back to ancient days when someone in your space thinks matching colors to cardinal directions encourages unity. We probably just need one piece of furniture per colour.

  • *Categories
    There are 14 separate categories of ACNH Items mentioned here, taking three pieces from each of these categories and placing them in your space would give you a 777-point category bonus, times the number of categories you completed. A lucky item worth 777 points alone, there are 13 lucky things in the game, but we'll get to that later.
    Kid's bear
    Panda baby
    Duck duck
    Dolly, Dolly
    Teddy Bear Giant
    Hula's doll
    Happy pet
    Happy gold cat
    Mom's bear
    Mom panda
    Mr. inflamingo
    Mrs. inflamigo
    Cracker of nuts
    Daddy bear
    Daddy panda
    Tiger paper
    Raccoon figure
    Wrestling figure Throwback

*Bonus simple interior decor
All this means you need to make sure your rooms are well decorated, you get 1000 points for getting at least six pieces of furniture in your home, another 1000 for 10 pieces, another 1000 for 15 pieces, and a final 1000 for 20 pieces, maxing out at 4000 points. For a wall-mounted furniture piece, you also get 400 points, which maxes out after three products giving another 1200 points. More furniture is best and three wall-mounted pieces. If you do all you get the overall bonus of 5200 marks.

*Situation incentive
Any piece of furniture has a related condition. Mostly, it indicates the space or motif the object is connected with.

*Season incentive
As the name implies, decorating your house with seasonal furniture will offer you incentives. For eg, you may use mushroom furniture to earn bonus points in the fall season, more so than if it were in the summer. Both seasons include multiple items of furniture.