EA Sports announced the first details on Madden NFL 21's Franchise modes

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EA Sports was widely criticized earlier this week when it announced the first details on Madden NFL 21's Franchise modes. The Franchise mode from previous games will now be called "Classic Franchise," and this year's changes amount to what could be considered basic patch notes from last year's game.

EA has now released a new video in which Madden NFL 21 producer Seann Graddy acknowledged the negative feedback and promised that EA will be looking to "bolster" the mode with this year's game and beyond.

In a video statement on Twitter, Graddy said that “We see your ‘fix Madden Franchise’ tweets and we understand your frustration. The Franchise community is critically important to us, and we appreciate your passion for Madden NFL. We’re reading your feedback and we clearly understand that you want more.” If you are in lack of Madden 21 Ultimate Team Coins, visit our site 5mmo.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Graddy didn't elaborate on whether "bolstering" meant fast tracking features that previously hadn't been planned for Madden 21. Fan frustration over Madden's Franchise Mode has been building for several years now. I've written more than once about the need to improve on elements like Owner Mode, which has been a sore spot going back to Madden 25. Fans have also commented on the somewhat sterile nature of the presentation and the lack of realistic contract mechanics, among other issues.

Of course, whether it actually acts on the feedback will remain to be seen. Franchise has remained relatively static for much of the generation, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the publisher makes a concerted effort to improve this part of the release as we head into the PlayStation 5 generation and beyond.