There's not any way they don't attempt to create money from sales

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Hours on OSRS gold tut Island creating a lot of bronze daggers and swords believing I could use them later simply to find it out disappeared if you teleport to mainland. Got lost my first time didn't realize You Need to talk to the mage to teleport after wind striking a chicken so I walked all the way back to the beginning before somebody told me to talk to the mage

I persuaded my mom to get me membership after school one 24, when I first started playing and after a couple of weeks killing cows. I went to Taverley gate where I saw people stealing cakes, since that is the only way into a members area I knew at the moment, pushed through catherby and wolf mountain and ended up in ardougne marketplace. I went back into the booth and trained my thieving to 5 and after a couple of Inventories of cakes a playermod started talking to somebody in the public chat.

I understand I was young but I don't really get the way I misunderstood the roles of thieving and participant moderators in RuneScape but. I logged out after and said something along the lines I ran away from the market and'm really very sorry. I ass believed a participant moderator was going to ban me. I was brand new to RS, probably level 10. My cousin told me about the wilderness. I ended up running away from them once I discovered before we got there.

I've a great deal of super nooby moments in memorybut some favs - in'06/07 - being a f2p noob and believing that abyssal whips were really sausage links and wondering why so many folks were running about wielding sausage links too, the classic trading out my full mithril to get it trimmed and never seeing it again and being heartbroken. And not knowing how combat lvls functioned and wanting mine to seem"red" (greater lvled) to people if they clicked me. So I remember walking around lumbridge for a lvl 11, requesting individuals"whats my battle? Is my lvl reddish?".

And THEN at 2015 - I arrived back to RS(3) temporarily after not having touched RuneScape whatsoever since 2011. So I went to the g/e to catch some gear, I wanted to train just a bit of slayer. And without even questioning that I was just like"oh whaaatt? Bandos platelegs are something now?! And they are so cheap?! dank." So I purchased them. Before I realized they were actually rune platelegs?? And wore them (thanks to this RS3 images and me probably being high and most importantly, ugh).Runescape needs players put RuneScape on steam and Epic games Shop

You know these places both take cuts from their revenue generated by revenue through their platforms? They do not do it for charity, and jagex is large enough not to get any particular status from them. Steam take a reduction and epic take 12%. There's not any way they don't attempt to create money from sales runescape generates through their store. Thus from jagex's place, they need to understand that being on those stores would make them more money than it's likely to cost to get them on and go through all the logistics required for that. Keep the gains and it's probably better just to spend money on advertisements.

In case RuneScape does move on Steam, they will surely get enough new players to earn enough cash that the 30% would be a non-factor. Can't speak for Epic though even though it is only 12%, they might be unable to recover the cost if they go on there. Personally though, I'd rather they wait till Runescape 4 (About 2023 is my quote ) which has enough modern mechanisms to make it compete with other MMORPGs. Cost aside, it would be moot. Game stores provide access that is large but cheap RuneScape gold don't have player retention that's required for an MMO.