Insiders Know to Visit Oahu's North Shore

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The vast majority of hotel rooms in the State of Hawaii are in the Honolulu area, and it's why many vacationers spend most of their time there. But make sure you plan some day trips elsewhere on the island. For example, you can head to the North Shore to take one of the boat tours Oahu locals know is the most fun. The are many options to choose from, and they aren't your grandmother's sightseeing. Adventure boat tours are fast-moving and take you to see whales or sharks or ride big waves in world-famous surfing waters. You can go out at any time of day and remember early evening to see sunsets.

There's every reason to tour the most famous Honolulu sites, including Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head. Most vacationers sample native Hawaiian culture by attending a luau and perhaps visiting the cultural center. If you're interested in more conventional vacation activities, there are plenty of places to shop and eat out. Honolulu has a thriving restaurant scene with fresh-caught local fish unrivaled in quality. The area is known for traffic, so plan your travel times wisely to avoid traffic jams. It's another reason why many people prefer boat sightseeing tours. 

Waikiki Beach is a famous Hawaii landmark, and remember to reserve time for a stroll. You can sunbathe and wade in the surf if it's one of the things your family enjoys. For many people, taking an evening stroll down the sandy shores at a leisurely pace is a pleasurable activity before dinner. You can take guided tours of many points of interest in the Honolulu area, and for any in which you have a particular interest, it's a wise idea. There are some historic buildings dating to the Hawaiian royal family, and they're beautiful, one-of-a-kind structures to visit. It may be wise to plan your itinerary, so you don't forget anything.

For people who vacation in Oahu often, there is an expanded range of things like the North Shore adventure boat tours that become more of interest. You may even choose to search for a place to stay in a quieter area. Depending on your interests, it can add a nice twist to your vacation. If you're reluctant about boat tours because of past seasickness, you'll have a different experience on an advanced watercraft. They avoid the bobbing up and down you would experience on larger and older boats. Their nimble close-to-the-water profile is more stable and moves with the water rather than against it.