How to Define the Precision of Labeling Machine

has brought people more lunch, especially Labeling Machine equipment widely used brought higher power for the user

Equipment constantly updated development, has brought people more lunch, especially Labeling Machine equipment widely used brought higher power for the user. The user in the acquisition of the labeling equipment, typically involving its quality problems, including questions about the accuracy of it, and users as more of a problem, so how about the precision of the labeling machine equipment defined?

Labeling machine equipment it is a kind of labeling equipment, since it is a labeling, of course, there are regular azimuth requirements, semi-active labeling machine equipment precision target is regular azimuth error. Semi-active labeling machine equipment precision is generally described as positive error and negative error, such as plus 0.5mm, minus 1.0mm. More commonly, positive and negative errors are required to be the same, expressed as ±1mm,±2mm, and so on. It also means that the marginal orientation of the label needs to fall within the range of 1mm or 2mm around the center line (regular orientation). Normally, we position the label by the margin, ideally, the margin is a straight line. The difference between the margin and the required orientation of the label is the label accuracy, when the label is of other shapes, such as circle, arc, or other shapes, is also defined.

Buy semi-active labeling machine equipment, must be precision of the target and semi-active Labeling Machine Manufacturer communicate clearly, so buy back equipment to ensure that it is qualified equipment! Choose the appropriate label surface according to the requirements of supply chain management and the characteristics of the package to choose the appropriate label surface, the active printing label machine equipment label method choice depends on the goods. The packaging label also depends on the method of delivery line. The label maker indicates that these factors directly determine the location and standard of the header.