So I recall walking about lumbridge as a lvl 11

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I am not RS gold sure how other composers do whatnot or that. I think bc it is for band rather than orchestra I was surprised by it how much certain voices worked collectively. But loved the timbre of each voice which was used as you kept going along! You are likely right that the harp wouldn't be as notable as it is in my arrangement but I did attempt to keep as close to the original as I could. Lol in the event that you put the harpist up front. I did picture this group for a wind ensemble -. Would soften the sound up. However, it certainly could use more reworking, I was just so eager to post it lol.

What is the thing you have completed on Runescape?

Back in 2006 I used to go around and we would play Runescape together. I got a ring of recoil and thought it was awesome, however I did not know it degrades so once I realised it had vanished I accused him of falling it because I believed he was covetous when I went into the toilet. I'd had a full blown argument with him and we didn't speak for a days.

If you teleport to mainland hours on tut Island making a bunch of daggers and swords thinking I could use them vanished. Also got lost my first time didn't realize You Need to talk to the mage striking on a chicken so I walked all the way back before somebody told me to Speak to the mage

I persuaded my mom to make me membership after school one day When I initially started playing after a couple of weeks killing cows. I moved to Taverley gate where I saw people stealing cakes, because that's the only way to a members place I understood at the time, pushed through catherby and wolf mountain and ended up in market. I trained my thieving to 5 and proceeded back to the stall and after a couple of Inventories of cakes a playermod began talking to somebody in the public chat.

I understand I was young but I don't really get how I misunderstood the functions of thieving and participant moderators in RuneScape but. I stated something along the lines I'm really sorry and ran out from the marketplace and logged out soon after. I dead ass thought a participant moderator was going to ban me for thieving. I was brand new to RS, likely level 10. I was told by my cousin about the wilderness. Didn't realize they had been a higher level than me. I ended up running away from them when I noticed until we got there.

Rather than knowing how combat lvls functioned and needing mine to appear"reddish" (greater lvled) to people when they clicked me. So I recall walking about lumbridge as a lvl 11, asking people"whats my battle? Is my lvl red?".

And THEN at 2015 - I came back to RS(3) temporarily after not having touched RuneScape whatsoever since 2011. So I went to grab some equipment, I wanted to train just a little bit of slayer. Got bandos chestplate and then I discovered"bandos platelegs". Bandos platelegs are a thing now?! And they are so cheap?! dank." So I purchased them. They were worn by and for a while until I eventually realized they were only platelegs?? (thanks to this RS3 graphics and me being high and most importantly, ugh). And then eventually I was like"wait, why the hell am I even enjoying with this rather than cheap RuneScape gold osrs?"Runescape needs Gamers put RuneScape on Epic and steam games Shop