Should they allow everyone create an all around stud build

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It is NBA 2K21 MT about balance. Should they allow everyone create an all around stud build, sure. But you can't really make a build like KD so that argument does not hold water. If you produce a 6'10" point forward, he will not be as athletic as KD since you had to sacrifice athleticism for the height. Since you sacrificed a portion of that for the ball managing he will not take. He won't play defense or end like KD because you already chose to put most of your points into ball handling and shooting, or because you forfeited wingspan to receive his shot closer to KD's. Since we are all essentially glorified role players, at shooting AND something else bigs shouldn't have to become elite.

Ou can not create an exact build of anybody but you get the point. Back in 2k17 a 6'10 powerforward may play like KD since, exactly like lately 2ks, you dont want high features to perform well. Using 2k17, you could have every badge but it will be on bronze. My argument was against nerfing builds simply because players in real life don't perform like what they do in NBA 2K21, or that there is not many players in today's nba that plays just like a 2k stretch big. That is a plot hole because there's always going to be a player, in actual life, which breaks the barrier to a point it effects 2k gameplay. Saying that bigs should have set shots make sense.

I am mixed on it. It stopped from having access to lightning jumpshots, non shooting assembles. Not everyone in basketball can shoot therefore for builds that can't shoot needed to make a sacrifice if they are interested in having the ability to shoot faster or better with their badges that are restricted. However as a individual with shooting in their own build, this is a pain in the buttocks grinding these badges. I got a 81 3 chunk but, my guy took 12 years to shoot, therefore it was impossible to get an open look without it being contested. And because I use HoF QD, that has four badges that could've went somewhere else. There's a good deal of badges when 95 percent of my badges are all tied into badges that are essential although I want to test, you can't really experiment.

Maybe make jumpshot rate or even cartoons be tied into some stats that are shooting? Kind of like how dribble motions are tied to ball handling. Because I really don't want to see a 7 foot glass cleaner using a 51 3 ball jumping 4 feet in greening and two milliseconds to the air. Shit looks absurd. Make it non shooting at bigs. So under a 50 3 point evaluation so can use shots. If ur 3 is finished that you may use jump shot creator or utilize rapid shots. No need to get a badge for this. Mike Wang last year about that time stated that large men were just allowed to have set shots. And then Twitter along with the big YouTubers complained and got that changed like a week after the announcement.

They listen to the worse parts of the 2K community but although 2K has the capability to earn good basketball games. If they stopped caving in to the dumb Twitter community along with the YouTubers that rely on pops and cheese to be good, 2K will be in a much better place right now. People are stating Mike Wang said they had issues with set shots being exclusive for bigs however, I can not find that anywhere. I see his announcement on Twitter saying to not worry about assembles because jumpshots will be exactly the same. Not to mention I find it difficult to believe a dev would announce a new Buy NBA 2K MT feature a month before launch and then under a week afterwards, states that the attribute would not be in NBA 2K21.