Flat Pack Container House is A Cost-Effective Choice

Workers working on a construction site returned to the Container School to rest one after another.

Workers working on a construction site returned to the Container School to rest one after another. Some people went to the "kitchen" next door to cook, and some people lay on a shelf bed in the "bedroom" of more than ten square meters, busying themselves. Watch TV for a while. These houses for workers to rest are actually "mobile". They are rented container houses with a rent of 6 yuan a day.

There are three container houses on this construction site. A window is opened on each side of the container box, and the door is opened on the side facing the construction site. The reporter went inside and found that "the sparrow is small, but it has all five internal organs." The floor is covered with white tiles, and several upper and lower beds are placed around it. The upper floor is filled with daily necessities for workers, as well as some fruits and vegetables. Because of the hot weather, an air conditioner was installed on the wall. "Very good, at least there is a cool place to rest," this is the unanimous evaluation of the residents of these "mobile homes". Most of them go home at night and rest in the container house rented by the company at noon.

One of the workers, he has been working abroad for more than ten years, and he has been working in various construction sites. He used to live in a shed built with asbestos tiles and a prefabricated house. He commented on such container houses as "convenient and practical."

This kind of business of renting container houses is now in many businesses, most of which are leased to site owners. They usually rent for several months. So far, no one has rented them. The area of these container houses is about 18 square meters. "It's safe and convenient, otherwise the business won't be so good," said the young man. The business of renting container houses is very good. As for how many container houses can be rented out a month, he refused to disclose.

Container houses can not only be rented, but also customized. "These container houses can be customized. You need to open a few doors and windows, whether you want to lay the floor, whether you want to make a dormitory or an office, and you can design and make it at a cost. On average, a container house costs more than 10,000 yuan." Master Jin, the construction foreman of the construction site, said that this year the company rented about 40 such container houses as "mobile homes" for workers.

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