In which location is Rudric found in Lost Ark?

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From challenges to free-roaming, you'll never be able to test your mettle in Lost Ark. In the end you'll be required to fight the world's bosses Lost Ark Gold. These are strong creatures that appear in particular areas of the map.

World bosses are larger than normal monsters, but they're not always around. When a world boss dies it will take about 30 minutes to revive. If you're unable to find a world-class boss in its designated spawn, you may need to come back later or wait around to be the first to eliminate it after it respawns.


Players will find Rudric at the graveyard in the Rethramis Border. You'll have to check out the southwestern side within the graveyard.Rudric may look like an alien creature from an alternate world, but he was once high priest of the Holy Sacrian Empire. As the empire became more connected to dark magic It also became the doom of Rudric.

The idea of taking on Rudric by yourself may look tempting, but you can take on him much more easily if you have a numbers advantage in your favor. Even if your buddies don't need to take down Rudric in the first place Cheapest Lost Ark Gold, there'll always be others who are looking at forming a group to help get through the encounter faster.