A cover athlete is usually believed to represent the results

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As Madden 22 had a cover with two athletes It is highly unlikely that EA could repeat something like this once more Madden nfl 23 Coins. It's only been done two times and when they regularly put at least two players on their covers, it detracts from the significance that it has whenever it happens. Also, take into consideration that since Brady Mahomes and Brady have both been placed on the cover twice and twice, it is unlikely to be either one of them.

As we look at the past players who have appeared on the cover before, it's hard to imagine as if this is a year there will be an athlete who has been on the cover before. There is only one player who is a repeat I can envision appearing on the cover, however the rest would be brand new in Madden 23.

5. Matthew Stafford

A cover athlete is usually believed to represent the results from the previous season. If that is the case and the reigning winner QB from Super Bowl LVI has to be added to this list. Matthew Stafford left the Detroit Lions to help bring the Super Bowl to Los Angeles and did exactly that. Most impressively, it only took him 1 year to do so.

The position of quarterback is perhaps the most crucial player in football particularly in the modern-day day. Matthew Stafford proved that there was a quarterback problem at Los Angeles and his debut on the team fixed it as well as a number of other important pieces the Rams brought in as well. I could see Stafford as a potential top choice for the Madden 23 cover. Additionally, if EA will choose an individual who played in the past NFL season as a whole Matthew Stafford's name is bound to be in the air.

The Rams athlete hasn't graced the cover on an Madden video game , since the year 2003, when Marshall Faulk was on the cover. This was during the time that there was a time when Rams were still located at St. Louis. Given the way that the Rams went on a tear during the 2021 season and won Super Bowl LVI Mut Coins Madden 23, this would be a perfect opportunity to feature Matthew Stafford on the cover of Madden 23 while the Los Angeles Rams are a winning franchise.