Top Men's Watch Manufacturers

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With the huge number of top Mens Watch Manufacturers available throughout the world, choosing the perfect watch can be a little overwhelming. These include household names like Rolex and Omega and right through to highly regarded specialists such as Patek Phillippe.

When one thinks of a watch manufacturer, one typically thinks of those crafted in Switzerland, a country known for its chocolates, cow bells, and its mastery in horology. However, while the top men’s Custom Watches Manufacturers of today are predominantly found in Switzerland, Hong Kong and other areas of China also make the list. Let’s have a look:

Tag Heuer: with a history that dates back to 1860, this company is one of the oldest, most prestigious watch manufacturers in the world. Their style is described as “Swiss avantgarde”. Moreover, the “TAG” part of their name stands for “Techniques d’AvantGarde.” The watches manufactured by this company are known for their style, extreme high quality and durability.

Breitling: another Swiss men’s watch manufacturer, the company was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling. The company creates watches that are suited for divers as well as for aviators. The watches are typically designed with long watch faces for easy reading. They have a distinct look and are considered one of the most stylish – and hardwearing - of all men’s watches available on the market today.

Zenith: one of the first Swiss men’s watch manufacturers, they opened their doors in 1865. Throughout the years, they have crafted a number of stunning collections, all carefully designed with the modern man in mind. Today, watches from this manufacturer are regarded as excellent value for money with their highly precise chronographs.

Oris: this is a newer – or younger – watch manufacturer with a history that only dates back to 1904. While still relatively young in the watch manufacturer market, they nevertheless produce exquisite timepieces that are known for their accuracy, sleek looks and affordability.

Casio: while the Swiss are renowned for their extraordinary horology skills and timepieces, there are other watch manufacturers who produce excellent quality men’s watches. Casio is one such manufacturer. First established in Japan in 1946 by Tadao Kashio, they have grown to be one of the world’s most popular men’s watch manufactures. Originally producing items like calculators, it was only in 1974 that they manufactured the first Casio electronically run quartz watch.

Emporio Armani: the watches produced by this known clothing manufacturer are as sleek and elegant as their clothing line. Armani watches are ideal for those who would like a designer name and quality, but without the incredibly hefty price tag typically associated with designer products.

Seiko: this is another industry standard when it comes to men’s watch manufacturers. Known as a fully integrated watch manufacturer, they first began in 1881 in Tokyo. Seiko means ‘exquisite’ in Japanese, and this is evident in the quality and ultra-chic look of all their watches.

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There are many men’s watch manufacturers throughout the world. Choosing a watch is more than just for keeping time. It is a statement about quality and choice. The top Mens Watches Manufacturer understand this and combine, not only quality workmanship, but also style, prestige and exquisite looks.