bob the robber 4 - be the hero

Bob The Robber 4 is the next volume of the Bob The Robber series in which you have to save the town by stealing while avoiding cameras and guards

Today, we are pleased to present a game that has recently gained popularity. Bob the robber 4 is a game published by Kizi.

Bob The Robber's story

Bob The Robber introduces the fourth episode in the highly popular Bob the Robber series. You will now become a more competent robber. The main task is to break into all places with the most secure security systems and use your talents to maneuver the thief Bob in order to obtain the required goods. You must, however, dodge surveillance cameras, sniffer dogs, and pushy security personnel. Patrol robots will arrive at higher levels. Bob The Robber 4 is an intelligent action game with gorgeous visuals and an intriguing tale.

The story begins when you assume the character of a burglar with considerable knowledge and high self-esteem. You haven't had any free time in quite some time. When the emperor sees you reading the newspaper, he realizes your hamlet is in dire danger. You may now become a hero in this game by performing heists. Yes, steal. You did not hear incorrectly. You must enter every building in town to grab important goods.

Bob The Robber 4's Highlights

Help Bob organize a wedding for a bandit's daughter, foil Thievious's heist attempt, and discover whether or not aliens exist.
More than 60 additional levels in various places such as Playa Mafioso, Shamville Street, and Seagull Bay.
"Hide and seek": moving around the wall to avoid detection, making noise to divert security personnel's attention...
Maintain the same number of staff while adding several new skills: Use goods to assist Bob in completing challenging tasks.
Customize your character's appearance with a range of eye-catching costumes.