Minnesota CFSS

Community First Consultation Services has always valued community involvement and always lending a helping hand if possible. We believe that if the community is thriving then day-to-day planning because much more benefit is able. The Consultants provide information about community activiti

CFSS will have two service delivery models, the agency provider model, and the budget model.
In both models, the participant has the authority to choose whatever model they desire.
Community First Consulting Services will educate the participant on which model is a fit for the.
The person has the authority to:

● Direct their care
● Has a say in selecting his/her worker, including the person’s spouse or the parent of a
● Write the plan with assistance from Community First Consulting Services as desired
● Purchase goods
If you are still unsure, or you may want to share some resources they are available at our
website communityfirstconsultationservices.com. Community First Consulting Services offers
valuable information and resources to help educate the public